Roof Access

The first moment of contact for working at height is when entering the roof. This must be done in a safe manner and safety hazards are to be clearly indicated. Often the roof is entered by using a temporary ladder. To prevent this ladder form falling sideways or sliding Eyecatcher offers reliable solutions for entering the roof and to safely work at height. A clear safety sign at the entrance of the roof and also bright coloured pictograms on the roof, make the persons working at height aware of the dangers. This way the persons who carry out work at height are clearly warned.

Ladder Bracket Low

A secure ladder mount

The Eyecatcher ladder bracket low provides a simple and secure ladder mount preventing ladders slipping from parapet type structures. The design also allows ladders to be tied off for increased safety and security.

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Prevents the ladder from slipping

The Ladderfix of Eyecatcher is designed in such a way, that the ladder is firmly secured form slipping or sinking into the ground surface.

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Safety Signs

Safety Signs make it clear

In order to infiorm the roof worker about any hazards or height safety systems present, the use of safety signs is necassary. 

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