EN-795 E

This type of anchor points consists of dead weight anchors placed loose on the roof and are designed for horizontal planes with a maximum inclination angle of 5 degrees and meet the EN-795 standard type E. The European standard EN-795:1996 for dead weight anchors has been superseded by the EN-795:2012. The new standard EN-795:2012 supplemented by specific testing and requirements for clarity and to increase the quality of fall protection systems in Europe. The fall protection products by Eyecatcher tested according to EN-795:1996 are still completely safe to use. New anchor points are tested in accordance with the EN-795:2012 and the NPR-CEN/TS 16415:2013.

Crossfix EN-795 E

Temporary and permanent roof anchor

The Crossfix is placed directly on top of the roofing material without penetration. This roof anchor can be used both permanent and temporary.

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