EN-795 D

This type of system consists of anchor points in combination with a horizontal anchor rail and meet the European standard EN-795:795 type D. The European standard EN-795:1996 has been superseded by the EN-795:2012. The new standard EN-795:2012 is supplemented by specific testing and requirements for clarity and to increase the quality of fall protection systems in Europe. The fall protection products by Eyecatcher tested according to EN-795:1996 are still completely safe to use. New anchor points are tested in accordance with the EN-795:2012 and the NPR-CEN/TS 16415:2013.

Saferail EN-795 D

Smart designed horizontal rail system

The Saferail system is designed to be permanently installed on buildings, industrial halls, remittances, cell towers, windmills and other objects, where maintenance is carried out and there is a risk of falls from a height.

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