Prevents the ladder from slipping

The Ladderfix of Eyecatcher is designed in such a way, that the ladder is firmly secured form slipping or sinking into the ground surface. In addition, the Ladderfix protects the floor surface from damage or scratches. Also a ladder in combination with the Ladderfix can be placed easily placed on the roofing material without damaging it. The Ladderfix assures that the ladder no longer slides away or underneath and prevents it form sinking in soft ground surfaces. In this way, it is safe to work on a (access) ladder.

• User friendly.
• Long life due to use of sustainable materials.
• Produced by recylced material.

LadderFix type 1000
• 1 metre long.
• 250 mm width.
• 56 mm thick.
• Weight: 5.5 kg.

TORREN_070703_3_019LadderFix type 1300
• 1,3 metre long.
• 300 mm wide.
• 56 mm thick.
• Weight: 8.5 kg.
• Equipped with a handle.
TORREN_070703_3_165 (2)