Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Safety Signs make it clear

In order to infiorm the roof worker about any hazards or height safety systems present, the use of safety signs is necassary. When these safety signs are plced in the right positions the worker is informed of the permanent dangers and the measures taken in the form of fall protection systems. These dangers begin already when entering the working area or roof surface.

Eyecatcher provides stickers and safety or instruction signs, that can be placed on those places where the risk of falling from height is present. Our range contains icons for the following situations:

• Roof Entrance Sign
• Risk of Falling
• Tripping
• Danger of Falling Through
• No Entry
• Non-ionizing Radiation

It is essential, that risks of falling from height are clearly visible. By placing safety signs at crucial positons, the attention of the person who enters the roof or hazardous area is drawn to it.
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