Within the EN-353:2014 there is a difference between personal protective equipment against falls with a sliding shuttle in combination with a rigid anchor line (EN-353-1:2014) or in combination with a flexible anchor line (EN-353-2:2014). This type of system consists of anchor points in combination with a vertical steel cable and a shuttle.

Saferail EN-353-1

Smart designed vertical rail system

The Saferail system is designed to be permanently installed on buildings, industrial halls, remittances, cell towers, windmills and other objects, where maintenance is carried out and there is a risk of falls from a height.

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Vertifix EN-353-1

Vertical Life Line System

The Vertifix is a vertical life line system in combination with a shuttle, suitable for securing at a vertical climb. The vertical life line system can be used on cageladders, wind turbines, large vertical steel constructions and so on.

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