Saferail EN-353-1

Saferail EN-353-1

Smart designed vertical rail system

The Saferail system is designed to be permanently installed on buildings, industrial halls, remittances, cell towers, windmills and other objects, where maintenance is carried out and there is a risk of falls from a height. The Saferail can simultaneously one to seven persons mounted with a maximum of two persons per rail section. Each individual user needs by means of a harness belt and a glider to be anchored to the rail. The rail follows the contours of the workplace and is bendable in curves with a radius of up to 330 mm. system

saferail-verticale-loper• Provides an economic cost effective solution.
• Reduces the installation time on location.
• Offers optimal protection against falling.
• Compact system.
• Aesthetically very pleasing.
• Can be used both vertically and horizontally.

• Anodized aluminium.
• Maximum spans up to 5 meters.saferail-eyecatcher-valbeveiliging
• Maximum spans at the end amounts to 0.5 meters.
• Connection by a connector plate and 4 bolts.
• End brackets.
• STAINLESS STEEL gliders for both horizontal and vertical use.
• Size 31 x 31 mm.

saferail-vertikaal-en-353-valbeveiliging vertikaal-saferail-eyecatcher-valbeveiliging-en-353