The range of Fall Protection Equipment and -Systems by Eyecatcher is comprehensive and offers a solution for every market. We supply the markets for roofers, building maintenance, industry, off-shore, solar panels and wind turbines. Constantly is being worked on new Fall Protection Equipment or improvement of the excisting product range. Our dealers are assured that our range of solutions is constantly up-to-date. Eyecatcher is known for it’s innovative and unique products which are of high quality. Moreover, our products are patented.

Eyecatcher services ankerpuntenOur Fall Protection Systems cover the following :

  • Stationary Anchor Points (and 795-A)
  • Mobile Anchor Points (and-795 B)
  • Life Line Systems (EN-795 C)
  • Rail Systems (EN-795 D)
  • Dead Weight Anchors (EN-795 E)
  • Guardrail
  • Cage Ladders and Roof Walking Platforms
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Commercial and Technical Product Training
  • Honoust Advice

All of our costumers are assured of a first class service throughout our organisation and dealer network worldwide. Eyecatcher BV is focused on the long term relation by offering an unrivalled level of communication and service. Eyecatcher BV has a wide dealer network national and international providing the best service locally. All of our dealers have been trained and certified to install roof safety systems. Full and detailed fitting instructions and user manuals can be provided with each and every safety application or product we supply.

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