Wallfix EN-795 A

Wallfix EN-795 A

Solid Wall Safety Anchor brick-, concrete- and steel structures

The Wall Safety Anchor type Wallfix is a solid anchor point for various surfaces like brick- and concrete walls as well as steel columns. With the mechanical anchors or bolts the Wallfix is mounted to the surface.

Fall Protection on horizontal walls or vertical columns is not always easy to realize. With the Wallfix Safety Anchor there is a solid and reliable solution for many situations with hazards of falling from height. This could include narrow passages on roof surfaces with and adjacent stone or concrete wall as well as narraow passages in industrial halls were vertical steel columns are present. The hole patterns of the Wallfix Safety Anchor is cleverly chosen, so it fits well with the pattern of a masonry facade. By turning the Wallfix Safety Anchor, the triangular hole pattern is also easy to adjust for example for steel columns. In this way, the safety anchor can easily be fitted and a reliable anchor point for fall protection can be realized. If desired, the Wallfix Safety Anchor can be used in combination with a temporary horizontal line, so that extra freedom of movement and an enlarged working area is realized.

To provide maximum freedom of movement and degree of safety, the Wallfix Safety Anchor can also be used as part of a Life Line System. Thsi system holds inner- and outer corners als well as the option of a bendable corner, so that all corners of a building construction can be followed. The Wallfix life line system is installed at the wall (fall factor 1), so that the risk of falling is minimised. By choosing the correct Personal Protective Equipment, the risk of falling is eliminated as much as possible. As always Safe at Work & back home.

Installation on Brick Walls.
▪ Installation on Concrete Walls.
▪ Installation on Vertical and Horizontal steel beams.
▪ Mechanical anchors, three (3) pieces M10.
▪ Very fast to install and reliable. 
▪ Smart designed hole pattern.
▪ Can be used in combination with HLL.
▪ Marks the safety zone.
▪ For narrow passages on roofs and industrial halls.
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA Exam GmbH.
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013.
▪ Maximum users two (2) persons.

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