Steelfix EN-795 A

Steelfix EN-795 A

Roof Safety Anchor directly onto Metal Roofing

The Steelfix Evo provides a solid Roof Safety Anchor to safely work at height on metal roofs. This Roof Safety Anchor is very fast and easy to install, after which it is ready to be used.

The Steelfix is also available as a Life Line System. As a fall protection product the Steelfix Evo is very suitable for Metal Roofing. The Roof Anchor Point is installed by bulb-tite rivets directly onto the top layer of flat, corrugated and wave pattern metal roofing. The stainless anchor eye rotates 360 degrees and always points directly to the user. In case of a fall the innovative energy absorber is activated, reducing the fall energy dramatically. This way both the user and the metal roofing are being protected against too much impact force. All thanks to the innovative design of the Steelfix Evo roof safety anchor.

▪ Stainless or Aluminium baseplate
▪ Rotating Stainless anchor eyeIMG_0099_EyeCatcher_Steelfix_01-08-2016
▪ Innovative and internal energy absorber
▪ Including 16 bulb-tite rivets and bituminous tape
▪ Range 220 – 340 mm (8,66 – 13,86 inch)
▪ Aesthetically pleasing
▪ Very fast to install
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013
▪ To be used by maximum two (2) persons.

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