SP-Anchor EN-795 A

SP-Anchor EN-795 A

Slim Safety Anchor for Standing Seam

The SP-Safety Anchor is a simple solution for fall protection on standing seam metal roofs. Regardless of the dimensions or type of standing seam, the SP-Safety Anchor as a safety anchor point always fits.With this the SP-Anchor offers quick and reliable fall protection with ease of installation. For all models of standing seam roofs, the SP-Anchor has the corresponding S-5! clamping blocks. This safety anchor can also be used as a pendulum anchor in combination with the Seamfix Line system. Thus completing the range of fall protection equipment for working on standing seam roofs. Safe working at heights on seam roofs has never been easier with the deployment of the SP-Safety Anchor.

The clever design of the SP-Anchor ensures that the fall energy is absorbed by the materials and the fall force is greatly reduced. This minimizes the damage to the roof and the user. Fall protection, safe working at height and protection of the roof go hand in hand with the SP-Anchor.

During the certification by DEKRA Exam GmbH, the SP-Safety Anchor, like the Seamfix, has been tested on a set-up equal to that of a standing seam roof. From the dynamic and static tests according to the EN-795: 2012 the safety anchor proved to be strong enough and to keep a grip on the metal roof. Fall protection is taken very seriously by Eyecatcher, especially on such roof constructions. An as much as possible, true-to-life imitation of the roof situation offers the certainty of a solid fall protection product and certification process. Here also we strive for Safe at Work & back home!

▪ Stainless Steel Parts.
▪ Suitable for Standing Seam with Clamps.
▪ No penetration of the metal roof.
▪ Slim design.
▪ Minimal visibility.
▪ Esthetically pleasing.
▪ Fast and easy to install.
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA Exam GmbH.
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013.
▪ Maximum two (2) users.

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