Seamfix Life Line System EN-795 C

Seamfix Life Line System EN-795 C

Life Line System for Standing Seam roofs

The Seamfix Life Line system is the solution for fall protection on standing seam roofs. Regardless of the width of the standing seam roofs, the Seamfix safety anchors always fit.

Lost hours due to the fact that the right mounting plate was not delivered, are historie by using the Seamfix safety anchors of the life line system. In addition, the adjustability saves a lot of time and offers the flexibility to adjust on location directly to differences in dimensions of the standing seam roof or its course. The Seamfix Life Line system offers reliable fall protection with ease of installation. For all models of standing seam roofs, the Seamfix have safety anchors with the corresponding S-5! clamping blocks.

In addition to these advantages, the Seamfix Life Line system can be installed directly on flat metal roofs using bulb-tite rivets and the safety anchors can also be mounted on corrugated metal roof, using the same technique. The stainless steel topbrackets rotate and always point in the right direction, directing at the safety of the user. Safe working at heights on standing seam and metal roofing has never been easier with the use of the Seamfix Life Line system.

The clever design of the Seamfix safety anchors and the innovative energy absorber ensure that the fall energy is absorbed by the materials and the fall force is greatly reduced. This minimizes the damage to the roof and the person attached. Fall protection, safe working at height and protection of the roof go hand in hand with the Seamfix life line system. To complete the delivery program of fall protection on standing seam roofs, there is also a Seamfix safety anchor, which can be used as a pendulum anchor point or the well-known SP-Anchor.

▪ Stainless Steel plate.
▪ Compatible with every type of Standing Seam.
▪ Also direct installation on Flat Metal Roof possible.
▪ Range Seamfix 450; 260 – 450 mm
▪ Range Seamfix 660; 420 – 660 mm
▪ Esthetically pleasing; color coating optional
▪ Very fast installation.
▪ No cold bridge, no roof penetration.
▪ Shuttle easily passes brackets.
▪ Maximum two (2) persons.

▪ Maximum advised span is 125 meter.
▪ Steel wire cable AISI316 with ID-ribbon.
▪ Glider AISI 316.
▪ Shuttle ATEX approved Guideline 2014/34/EU.
▪ Approved for areas with explosive atmosphere.
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013
▪ To be used by maximum two (2) persons.

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