Seamfix EN-795 A

Seamfix EN-795 A

Easy adjustable safety anchor for standing seam roofs

The Seamfix is the solution for fall protection on standing seam roofs. Regardless of the dimensions of the Standing Seam Roofing or Metal Roofing, the Seamfix always fits.Lost hours because of the right mounting plate is not being supplied, with the Seamfix belong to the past. In addition, the Seamfix saves a lot of time because of it’s adjustability on site and so being able to adapt immediately if the roof dimensions start to alter.

On top of these advantages it is also possible to install the Seamfix directly on Metal Roofs by means of bulb-tite rivets. And it also can be mounted on Standing Seam Roofs using special designed clamping blocks. The Anchor Eye rotates 360 degrees and always points in the right direction, that is focused on the safety of the user. The two types of Roof Safety Anchors, being the Seamfix 450 and Seamfix 660, cover all the known distances between the standing seam roofs available on the market.


The smart design of the Seamfix ensures that the materials will absorb most of the fall energie by reducing it. As a result, the damage to the roof is brought down to a minimum. To complete the range of products, the Seamfix is also available as a Life Line System.

▪ Stainless Steel materials.
▪ Rotatable Anchor Eye.
▪ Bulb-Tite Rivets for Metal Roofs.
▪ Clamping blocks for Standing Seam Roofs.
▪ 450 Seamfix; 260-450 mm
▪ Seamfix 660; 420-660 mm
▪ Aesthetically pleasing.
▪ Very quick to assemble.
▪ Adjustable on site.
▪Tested and certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013
▪ To be used by maximum two (2) persons.

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