Safety Anchor KN-AO

Safety Anchor KN-AO

Universal Safety Anchor, highly visible

The Safety Anchor KN-AO of Eyecatcher has proven succesfull in various applications. From Building Maintenace Units to securing maintenance personnel in windturbines and abseiling. As well as the cradles of the BMU and the Servie Lifts in windturbines are equipped with this very solid and reliable Safety Anchor KN-AO. But also in other locations, the use of the Safety Anchor as fall protection is a solid and reliable solution for safely working at height or abseiling.


The safety anchor KN-AO is suitable for mounting to various (building-) constructions, such as: concrete elements, wooden elements and steel constructions. With only one M12 anchor, the safety anchor KN-AO is quickly installed.

aanhaakoog KN-AOAn engineer must determine if the safety anchor can be installed onto the desired surface, which should hold a force of 12 kN pull when used by one person and 13 kN when used by two persons. The minimum concrete thickness at anchoring of KN-AO is 120 mm and the minimum diameter of the anchoring is M12. In case of chemical anchors the drilling hole is not to go through the whole construction, since a good and fully bonding cannot be guaranteed. The quality of steel rod ends should be at least 5.5 or in case of stainless steel class 70. For more technical and installation details the installation manual must be consulted.

▪ 100 mm wide and 5 mm thick.
▪ 50 mm high.
▪ One (1) M12 anchor for fixation.
▪ User-friendly and easy to use.
▪ Long life span due to use of sustainable materials.
▪ Stainless steel material coated in RAL-1003 (signal yellow).
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH.
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013.
▪ To be used by maximum two (2) persons.

If you require more information regarding this product, please contact us, our technical and sales department will help you further.

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