Loopfix EVO EN-795 A

Loopfix EVO EN-795 A

Roof Safety Anchor for Tiled or Slate Roofs

The Loopfix EVO is a safety anchor suitable for fall protection on sloped tiled roofs and is a very beautifull designed stainless steel anchor point with an integrated energy absorber.
For working safely on sloped tiled roofs, the Loopfix EVO safety anchor is easy to install and to use. The large oval eye of the Loopfix EVO vcan be used to connect to with your carabiner or scaffold hook of your lanyard or positioning line. This innovative anchor point is aesthetically beautiful and the integrated energy absorber is located under the roof tiles or slates.  In case of a fall the Loopfix EVO stretches out and absorbs a great deal of the fall energy. Therefore the safety anchor is also easily examined during annual inspection. For the installation in the structural wooden beams the required special screws are included.


There are various types of Loopfix EVO safety anchors available, as well as special mounting plates to install into two stuctural wooden beams at the same time. In case of monumental buildings, when the aged wood can be weakend, this offers a solid installation. The smart design of the Loopfix EVO with its patented internal energy absorber ensure a low impact on the user and buidling structure in case of a fall from height.

▪ Installation on structural wooden beams
▪ loopfix-ankerpunt-vlabeveilingFixation on two structural wooden beams with a mounting plate
▪ Internal and patented energy absorber
▪ Installation with two special screws
▪ Easy and reliable installation
▪ Material AISI 316/A4 (salt water proof)
▪ Esthetically very pleasing
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA Exam GmbH
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013
▪ Geschikt voor twee (2) personen

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