Ladder Bracket High

Ladder Bracket High

A secure ladder mount

The Eyecatcher ladder bracket high provides a simple and secure ladder mount preventing ladders slipping from parapet type structures. The design also allows ladders to be tied off for increased safety and security.Due to the side brackets the ladder can no longer fall sideways or slide away. The ladder bracket high comes with a signs on it for the correct use. The slot in the ladder bracket is there to tie off the ladder, so the ladder is secured against removal by others.

The ladder bracket high is to be mounted to the wall at a height of the roof edge, so that the ladder can be placed at an angle of 70 degrees and is stuck between the side brackets. Pay attention to nearby cars or doors that can open. Also make sure of a hard ground surface to put the ladder onto. The ladder bracket high can also be used in combination with the ladderfix for extra safety.

The ladder bracket high is to be installed onto brick, steel or concrete walls by means of a mechanical, chemical anchor M10 or bulb-tite rivets.

• To be used over a height of 3 metres.
• Aluminum bracket coated in RAL 9007.
• User friendly and easy to install.
• Long life because of sustainable materials.