Bodyfix EN-795 A

Bodyfix EN-795 A

Roof Safety Anchor for any type of roofing material

The Bodyfix is a well known roof anchor in the assortment of Eyecatcher. It is a personal anchor point for fall protection on flat and pitched roofs with permanent anchoring to the roof construction. The smart roof safety anchor Bodyfix is suitable for any type of roofing. With a supplied bituminous, EPDM, ECB, Sarnafil or PVC-rosette the anchor point is easily waterproofed.

The Bodyfix can be supplied with mechanical anchors for every type of roof construction. The roof safety anchor is designed in such a way, that the Bodyfix suits all types of roof constructions, such as solid or hollow concrete, metal and wooden roofs. The roof safety anchor is placed directly on top of the roofing material. The roofing material and the insulation are pierced and the corresponding mechanical anchors are installed. The Bodyfix is fixed by means of four anchors. Thus the safety of personal is guaranteed.

▪ fastening with four M10 anchors.
▪ The red stainless steel anchor eye rotates 360 degree.
Clearly recognizable due to the red color; advantage on gravel roofs.
▪ Can also be used as safety zone marker.
▪ Very quick to assemble.
▪ User-friendly and easy to use.
▪ Long life due to use of sustainable materials.
▪ Simple waterproofing, complete product.
▪ No thermal bridge effect.
▪ After installation is a pull test possible in accordance with the EN-795.
▪ Tested and certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH
▪ EN-795:2012 type A & TS-16415:2013
▪ To be used by maximum two (2) persons.

If you require more information regarding this product, please contact us, our technical and sales department will help you further.

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