EN-795 norm for fall protection harmonised

EN-795 norm for fall protection harmonised

The European Commission has harmonised the European Norm for fall protection, the EN 795:2012, as published in the Official Journal. By this action the version from 1996 has been superseded.

The harmonisation means that the standard Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices or personal protective equipment against falls – Anchoring facilities ‘ now officially brought into compliance with the European directive on personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC.

Side note
Be aware, a little side note is applicable. The E795:2012 does not apply to all types of anchoring facilities. There is also a warning published at the same time. The message of this warning is that the fall protection type A, C, and D do not fall under the heading of personal protective equipment.

As a logical consequence it means that these types of fall protection are not covered by this directive. It is therefore not allowed to place a CE marking on these three types of products. Like to know more about the warning? You can read the full warning here.Safety-First-jpg

Published on: 16 February 2016