Certificates and Declarations

Certificates and Declarations

Quality, Working Conditions and Environment (KAM) policy of EYECATCHER BV

Quality, Working Conditions and Environment (KAM) policy of EYECATCHER BV The Quality, Working Conditions and Environment (KAM) policy of EYECATCHER BV is aimed at achieving an optimal working climate for people and the environment. This can partly be achieved by guaranteeing the best possible quality of the work we carry out, the safety, health and well-being of its employees and care for the environment. The starting points here are to give high priority during the work to the prevention of personal injury, as well as material and environmental damage. We expect employees to keep each other alert and to hold each other accountable for unsafe working methods or situations. We also take care of third parties in this.

EYECATCHER complies with the applicable laws and regulations and tries to maintain this by actively monitoring the legal developments that relate to its activities. Thus, early changes in legislation and regulations can be anticipated. It also strives to continuously improve its business processes so that quality, safety and environmental performance are raised to a higher level as well as the prevention of environmental incidents that can have negative consequences for the environment.

By setting KAM objectives and targets, continuous attention is paid to the latter. The KAM objectives and targets are laid down in the management report and the accompanying environmental aspect register and relate to all activities to be carried out by EYECATCHER, to be named: the development, sale, assembly, assembly and inspection of fall protection systems. EYECATCHER therefore has the following certificates: VCA ** 2008 / 5.1, DEKRA Certificate on Quality Assurance and DEKRA Certification of Conformity according to PPE Regulation EU 2016/245. In addition EYECATCHER is ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:201 certified as a basis for carrying out the work in accordance with the relevant standard requirements.

Within EYECATCHER, KAM is not regarded as a modern trend, but as a means of allowing people, equipment and the environment to work together in a responsible and respectful manner in the execution of our work. By mapping out the issues in a clear and structured way in advance, we prevent surprises during implementation. The policy and KAM objectives are made known throughout the organization and by companies and individuals to be engaged by EYECATHCER and will be regularly updated.

Nieuwkoop, March 2020
Ing. A.F.G. Schuurman
Managing director