EC-audit again succesfull for Eyecatcher

EC-audit again succesfull for Eyecatcher

As European manufacturer of height safety systems it is obligatory to produce and trade these safety products according to regulations on the Dutch and European market.

The Guideline 89/686/EEG and the upcoming Verordening 2016/425 clearly state the rules. Especially EC-products with a EC-certificate, being the EN-795:2012 type B & E, are highly regulated.

Recently Eyecatcher BV was audited by Dekra Exam GmbH and our EC-Quality Control and –Assurance were checked. Again they proved tob e up to standard. Safety and Quality are highly valued within Eyecatcher !
It was time for the old certificates to get out of their frame and the new to get in.

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Published on: 12 December 2017